Vision-Aid’s Digital Accessibility Testing & Training Center (DATTC) offers a comprehensive range of resources for Digital Accessibility Testing. Our team uses leading international standards, trained and certified staff and state-of-the-art processes, technology and tools to deliver the highest quality results for our customers.   Digital accessibility means that electronic documents and information can be easily used by people with disabilities. The lack of digital accessibility is one of the biggest barriers in inclusion for persons with disabilities. At Vision-Aid we are committed to do our utmost to make the digital world a more accessible and inclusive place for all. Vision-Aid’s mission is to enable, educate and empower the visually impaired to live with independence and dignity. Our DATTC team includes visually impaired testers working alongside testers with and without other disabilities to deliver the best possible testing value for our customers. Vision-Aid is a non-profit organization. The Digital Accessibility Testing and Training Center (DATTC) is a non-profit initiative under Vision-Aid. Revenue generated from Vision-Aid’s DATTC testing projects are used to support programs for the visually impaired. Training and empowerment programs run by the DATTC are supported by the generosity of donors . Please Click Here to view a short video about the DATTC and to meet some of our students and team members.