Screen reader simulation

Low Vision:

Disability-related simulations, where a person supposedly experiences what it’s like to have a disability by covering their eyes or maneuvering in a wheelchair, are often criticized because they promote negative stereotypes of helplessness. At best, they only simulate an initial experience with a disability, not the experience of someone who has learned the skills of using a wheelchair or other assistive devices and strategies to accomplish tasks.

Instead of having a simulation, its often recommended to host a panel of individuals with disabilities who can share their personal experiences and make direct connections with an audience. Another way to do this is to show videos of real individuals with disabilities sharing their experiences, including challenges as well as solutions.

A few such YouTube Channels and videos are listed here. (Courtesy: Sheryl Burgstahler, DO-IT Director)

Ask an Autistic:

A channel where one person answers questions about what it’s like for her live with autism

The Tommy Edison Experience

a channel where one person uses humor to answer popular questions about living without sight

A Day Through a Deaf Person’s Eyes

a video that features people sharing different aspects of their life while Deaf

Christopher Hills

a 19-year-old with cerebral palsy is a professional video editor, despite having no control of his limbs. He left a crowd speechless at the 7th International Carers Conference when he edited a video live on stage… using his head.