The largest group—and consequently the most difficult to reach—is the enormous group of individuals worldwide who develop web content. When it comes to educational entities, web content is sometimes developed by core groups of designers and developers. However, much of educational content is developed by teachers and faculty, staff members whose primary role is not that of web developer, and, in some cases, students. Educating this diverse group of people is a challenging task.

Several organizations have developed resources and training materials to assist in delivering the accessible content. Most of the training resources includes recommendations for determining audience objectives, hypothetical curriculum outlines, and training tips. Perhaps of most value is a complete set of Modules for Web Accessibility Training, including modules covering why web accessibility is important; barriers, assistive technologies, and alternative access strategies; business case and policy basis for accessible web design; designing accessible websites; evaluating and retrofitting websites for accessibility; designing accessible browsers and authoring tools; promoting web accessibility; and finding additional resources on web accessibility.

Some of the best available resources are:


Deque Systems:

Section 508 specific:

AODA Specific:

WebAIM training resources: